Plaques and Signs

Why do the graduation plaques have the bottom right corner cut off?
A cadet training at Depot is inevitably changed as they go through the training process.  The corner is cut off prior to the plaque being finished to represent the part of the cadet that has not been changed as a result of the training.  That original “untouched” piece of wood is provided along with the plaque to the graduating cadet.

Can you make a transfer or retirement plaque without the corner cut off?
Absolutely.  This is something extra we do for the reason listed above, but we can custom make the plaque however you want.

Why is there a name on the back of the plaque?
During training at Depot, each cadet is provided a card with the details of their Silent Partner.  Each “Silent Partner” is a fallen Member of the RCMP who died in the line of duty.  The Silent Partner’s name is engraved on the back of each plaque as a continuation of this legacy of remembrance.