Challenge Coin Holders

Do you make a vertical style challenge coin holder?
Not yet, but we plan to develop one soon.  Currently we are experimenting with some different designs.  Our goal is to refine the process for manufacturing so it keeps costs down to a reasonable level, but at the same time, we like to ensure there is a unique quality to the products we produce.  Once we’ve achieved both of those goals, we will offer a vertical option.

Are there other wood options?
Absolutely.  We have several types of hardwoods that can be put together in any combination you wish.  Certainly, we can offer suggestions for wood combinations that work well together as well as which woods typically engrave better than others.  For example, Hickory does not engrave images with fine detail very well, but text would be perfectly acceptable.  Some woods, stains, or dyes may be too dark, resulting in the engraving being washed out or not visible.  We want you to be happy, so we’ll be honest with you.

Are they solid wood?
You bet!  Each layer is a little less than an inch thick of solid hardwood, so this is a sturdy piece.  The type of hardwood and it’s density will determine the overall weight, so it would be impossible to give you a weight.  For instance, the White Oak is almost twice the weight of Alder for the same size piece.