Walnut Cutting Board


This beautiful “face grain” butcher block style cutting board is a substantial piece of wood.  It’s approximately 16″ x 10″ and is approximately 1.75″ thick.  It’s primarily Walnut with stripes of Maple, Padauk, and Wenge.  Both sides of the of the cutting board are usable.  It has been conditioned with mineral oil and then coated with a combination of mineral oil and beeswax.  The price includes all shipping/handling fees and taxes.

As with all wood cutting boards, you should not cut raw poultry on this board as the juices may soak in.  It should also only be hand washed – it is not dishwasher safe.  Periodically, you should recondition the board by simply soaking it with mineral oil and wiping away any excess after about 15-30 minutes.


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